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Wynyard Duck PondWynyard Residents Association aims to represent the views of all Wynyard residents – we need you to tell us what we should be doing to make life in Wynyard better for us all SO come and join us at the meetings.


A small black post box is situated on Bloomfield Drive for the use of residents.  For your information, this is not a Royal Mail post box and is emptied by a member of the marketing suite nearby, who posts the contents in a post box on The Wynd, opposite the shops.  Those using the post box should, therefore, accept the associated risks by doing so.

Scrap Merchants

have been collecting waste in the area (or in a particular case removing it from a garden without permission). Be cautious, if you give them anything without first checking that they have a waste carrier licence, then you also risk a fine for failing in your duty of care to check if they hold such a licence.

Bake Sale and raffle, outside the Co-op, Saturday 6th July raised £452 for the A689 West Gate road safety survey.

WRA committee thanks everyone who baked or bought.  Great Effort!

Volunteers needed!

Anyone interested in delivering Wynyard Matters magazine?  We particularly need help delivering north of the A689 and have a ready vacancy for Silvermede.  Can you help?  Please contact us through this link.  Thank you.

A689 Safety Audit crowd funding, access donation site  here

Link to the A689 on-line petition here

Important Information about WEXIT reorganisation of community governance order 2018 Please read.

AGM reports:  Chair’s Annual Report 2018,   WRA Financial Summary 2018

Missing, much loved Cat


Estate Charge link here

Attention All Residents:

A recent flyer through the doors for a cleaning service should not be taken up without checking the person concerned.  This is true for ANY home service you are thinking of taking up unless there is a personal recommendation.



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