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Wynyard Matters Edition 20 Nov 17
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Wynyard Matters Edition 17 Spring Mar 17
Wynyard Matters Edition 16 Dec 2016
Wynyard Matters Edition 16 sep-16

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Wynyard Matters issue 12 Oct 15
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Recent Posts

  • Misrepresentation on the BBC news website Jun 17, 2018 - The BBC news website Tees section has published an article entitled Wynyard ‘white elephant’ bridge plan ‘a waste of money’ The article refers to the Castle Eden walkway bridge.  THIS BRIDGE … Continue reading
  • Estate Charge article now published Jun 1, 2018 - Please follow the link  Estate Charges explained
  • Residents Report May 19, 2018 - Attention All Residents: A recent flyer through the doors for a cleaning service should not be taken up without checking the person concerned.  This is true for ANY home service … Continue reading
  • Playdays Survey Mar 6, 2018 - The Playdays Survey is now available to complete online.  Please follow this link.
  • Social Media update Jul 9, 2017 - You can now follow us on Twitter (@WynyardMatters) and there is a Wynyard Matters FaceBook page too!
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