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Mobile Library dates for Wynyard – This service is suspended until further notice

The service is provided by Stockton Borough Council.   Hartlepool residents are welcome to use the mobile library.  If you are not a Stockton Library member you will need to provide a form of id with address and photo on first visit.  After that, a library card will be kept on the bus and you will be able to access all the benefits of the service.

Dates for 2020: 
All visits are Thursday 2.30 –  approx 3.15PM / TEL 01642 528045
6th Feb,   27th Feb
19th Mar
9th April,  30th April
21st May
11th June
2nd July,  23rd July
13th Aug
3rd Sept,   24th Sept
5th Oct
5th Nov,  26th Nov
17th Dec


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