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WRA AGM Year Ended December 2018: Chair’s Report

Chair’s Report AGM 2018

Wynyard Residents Association (WRA)


A detailed analysis of the financial position of the association will be presented as part of the AGM and uploaded to the website.

Advertising revenue – we have continued to generate advertising revenue to support the four editions of “Wynyard Matters” that are produced each year.  This is a constant issue for the Association and we need all the help we can get to raise enough to cover the costs of the printing. We are having to order 1300 copies in order to accommodate the extra homes that have been built and occupied and this will only rise further as time goes on.

Support funding – we were able to bid successfully to both Elwick and Grindon Parish Councils for support to further various projects. These include the purchase of items to aid fund raising such as tables, collection boxes, gazebos as well as some Christmas decorations for the south side of the A689. We received funding to support several Summer “awaydays” and support to subsidise the magazine printing costs. We have also had funding approved from Grindon for a survey of the West gate roundabout to support the push to bring forward the traffic lights and crossing. We are still awaiting the decision from Elwick to match fund this.

Community Events

This year there has been the Cake and Bake event, the Summer Awaydays and the Carol singing. In the main the community events have been focused on raising funds for a Community Centre for Wynyard and encouraging the community to come together. Thanks need to be expressed to Wynyard Estates Services who agreed to place the new Christmas decorations, store them and pay for the electricity to power these. The Co-op shop also supported the carol singing with donations of mince pies – many thanks to them for their continued support. Thanks also to Tony Maxwell who helped out at the carols by leading the singing – despite short notice and a bad cold.

Two of the resident association supporters volunteered to run a “Book Stall” at the Elwick Parish Fete which raised £110 for Elwick Parish funds.

The events always attract a group of loyal supporters and many of these put in much time and effort to make sure that the events go well by baking, preparing mulled wine and generally organising equipment etc. Next year there will be a focus on delivering some different events to attract a wider range of residents.

Key Projects

Neighbourhood Plan

This year has seen less emphasis on the Neighbourhood plan and more on influencing the Local Plans for both Hartlepool and Stockton. The Hartlepool Local Plan had now completed the process and has been adopted. The Stockton Local Plan has been in development all year. At this point the Examiners report has been published and WRA representatives are currently reviewing this. The process has seen a huge input from WRA by;

  • Reviewing the plan and making submissions to the council for modifications to the plan after the consultations last January
  • Attending several days of the formal examination events, held in June and making representations to the government examiner on specific concerns regarding the impact in Wynyard
  • Reviewing the plan again when republished in October and submitting formal questions and comments to the council prior to submission to the examiner

Thanks must be extended to Diane Atkins who has been relentless in her pursuit of issues that relate to this plan, on the behalf of residents, and for her attention and attendance at meetings during the process.

Community Centre

A pre-planning application was made to Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC) regarding the building of a community centre on a piece of land that had been identified by Wynyard Estates Services (WES) for us. This was not successful, and we are still in negotiation with WES re alternative sites. A meeting was held with the primary school Headteacher and a member of his Governing body. They expressed a willingness to allow the residents to utilise school facilities for community functions, meetings etc. The school is due to move to its new premises in January 2019 and the association will be establishing how this could work as soon as possible in order to see if these facilities negate the need for a separate community centre to be built.

Liaison with WES and Wynyard Park

Various meetings and communications have been held with WES and electronic communication has taken place with Wynyard Park on a variety of matters during the year. In particular the focus has been on the impact the extensive development work is having on current residents and the environment in general. We have had some success on matters such as; cleaning roads, street lighting and the state of pavements. However, it must be said that these developments will continue for a considerable number of years and we can only assume that their impact will be felt by us all during the development phase.


This year will see a major development to benefit Wynyard with the establishment of the new Wynyard Parish Council in May. This will ensure that in future all precept funds collected from the Stockton residents of Wynyard will be spent directly on Wynyard projects and improvements.

At present Elwick Parish Council represents Wynyard residents who reside in Hartlepool. The residents’ association has been in consultation with HBC to discuss how we can separate out from Elwick and establish a Wynyard (HBC) Parish Council. This will not be possible to move further until May 2020 when the local government review that Hartlepool are currently undertaking will be complete, however in the meantime WRA has established a closer relationship with Elwick PC and are actively working to engage with them to get resources spent and utilised on Wynyard issues. The last election of Parish Councilors for Elwick resulted in Liz Hurst and Diane Atkins being appointed to the council – the first time any Wynyard residents have sat. they have already made an impact on the council raising awareness of Wynyard issues and fighting for funds to tackle these.

Road safety issues

The “Chicanes on the Wynd” project should come to fruition this year. The funds are in place and the work is due to start during this financial year. There is a provision in the Accounts of £1000 as a contribution to the cost of the chicanes from WRA

During the year it became obvious that there were safety issues arising regularly at the West gate roundabout on the A689. These issues were for both pedestrians and for car drivers. This roundabout has a pedestrian crossing and traffic lights planned and approved for it which are part of the section 106 funding with Hartlepool council. However, they will not be installed until a “trigger” point in the development is reached. This could be several years away. The association has been supporting residents to campaign for these works to be brought forward to improve safety. This lobbying is starting to bear fruit and we are hopeful that funding will be put in place to bring the works forward. As part of the lobbying WRA has secured funding from Grindon PC and is applying for it from Elwick PC also (decision due at the end of January) to conduct a traffic safety survey, the results of which, may well force more immediate action.

Future Aims

  • Establishing the use of a Community venue
  • Establishment of a Parish Council for Wynyard in Hartlepool
  • Further strengthening of the relationship with WES to improve “South” Wynyard
  • Further strengthening of the relationship with Wynyard Park to support the development/improvement of “North” Wynyard
  • Working closely with the new Wynyard PC on local issues

Kit Lofthouse


December 2018


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