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Elwick Parish meeting Thursday 27th September at Wynyard School

The next meeting of Elwick Parish Council is on Thursday 27th September at 7pm in Wynyard CofE Primary School.

There is a session for public participation at the start of the meeting.  Participation is sought on Matters within the Agenda, enclosed, only:


Apologies for absence – for acceptance and approval

Public Forum

Declaration of Interests

Minutes of meeting held on 26th July 2018

Matters Arising:

Red Gap Community Fund – update and tender spec.

Various trees in Elwick Village – update

Playing Field – update

Youth Focus – proposed survey

Rural Plan – Referendum update

Chairman’s Report – to receive

Ward Councillor’s Report – to receive

Wynyard Report – to receive

Village Maintenance Group Report – to receive

Social Activities Sub-Committee Report – to receive

Financial Report – to receive

Financial reports

NJC salary recommendations


Planning Applications:

H/2018/0280 – 14, Manorside, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2015/0270)

H/2018/ 0294 – Church Bank Cottage – replacement door

H/2018/0302 – 11, Buttercup Avenue, Wynyard – single-storey rear extension

H/2018/0303 – 5, Snowdrop Avenue, Wynyard – external brick chimney

H/2018/0287 – 20, Wellington Gardens, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2015/0373)

H/2018/0109 – 23, Wellington Gardens, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2015/0373)

H/2018/0331 – 5, The Beaumont, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2015/0374)

H/2018/0318 – 13, Manorside, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2016/0497)

H/2018/0355 – 25, Manorside, Wynyard – amendment (H/2017/0327)

H/2018/0367 – 15, Wellington Gardens, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/205/0373)

H/2018/0246 – Close Farm Cottage, Close Farm, Wynyard – 4 detached dwellings

H/2018/0378 – 22, Wellington Gardens, Wynyard – reserved matters (H/2015/0373)

15. Matters of Concern to Councillors

16. Date of Next Meeting – 7.00 pm Thursday 25th October 2018 at Elwick WI hall.




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