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Agenda for WRA meeting Tuesday 17th July, 6.30 at Wynyard CofE Primary school

Wynyard Residents Association
The next meeting of the WRA will be held on the 17th July 2018, at 6.30pm, at Wynyard Primary School, Wynyard Woods. All Wynyard residents are welcome to come along.

1) Minutes of the previous meeting.

1.1) Matters arising, (not covered elsewhere on the Agenda).

2) Events.

2.2) Wynyard Scarecrow Festival

2.4) Autumn Ball 2019

3) Wynyard Community Centre.

4) Planning.

4.1) Neighbourhood Plan.

4.2) Stockton Local Plan.

5) Wynyard Matters magazine.


7) Wynyard living environment.

7.1) Damage to grass verges- installation of bollards.

7.2) Tree preservation orders, and felling of trees in the Blackwood area.

8) WRA use of social media.

9) Safe crossing of A689.

9.1) Cycleways

10) Tree re-planting.

11) WRA Constitution.

12) Red Gap Community Fund.

13) Other business.

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