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Issues raised about Wynyard Matters

WRA received some comments from a resident of Wynyard Park via the Community Centre survey which WRA feel need answering. Since we have no direct method of communication with this resident we are posting the answers here.


The resident in question expressed the view that the Wynyard Matters magazine and the issues dealt with by Wynyard Residents Association were centred around the Wynyard area south of the A689 and did not deal with the concerns of those residents who live on Wynyard Park. They also passed on some issues that they felt were specific to Wynyard Park;

Royal mail do not leave parcels with the Concierge services for residents

Roads are dirty and need cleaning

Cycle issues from Wynyard park

Lack of contact and reference to Hartlepool Borough Council

Lack of service from Hartlepool Borough Council particularly in light of the high council tax payments that they make

Wynyard Matters is just for the South of Wynyard and should include issues for the North of Wynyard with specific pages dedicated to the north

There will be a Community centre built on the North of Wynyard, why is this not known to the residents Association

Contact needs to be made with both landowners as well as both Councils to deal with issues for Wynyard

So here is some information to hopefully deal with these questions

We have contacted Royal Mail and their response is that this is against Royal Mail policy and they are therefore not allowed to make an exception for Wynyard Park.

Roads on both sides of the A689 are currently very dirty due to the development traffic. The Councils will only address this issue on roads that have been adopted, the resident’s association will contact both councils to ask for more cleaning for the roads during the construction activity however it is worth noting that some roads on the North of the Wynyard area have not yet been adopted by Hartlepool Borough Council and they will therefore be unable to deal with that. It is therefore a matter for Wynyard Park, as the land owners, and the active developers to deal with this and we will contact them on residents’ behalf.

With regard to the safety issues around cycling, the Residents Association have been in touch with both Councils about this, not just Stockton. This is an on going problem which we now seem to have had moved up the council’s agenda and should see some action on this soon.

The Residents Association are regularly in touch with Hartlepool Borough Council on a range of issues.

Residents in both Stockton and Hartlepool often ask this question about services they feel are inadequate when measured against the high rates of council tax that we pay. This is a question that should be directed at the local Counsellors. John Gardner for Stockton Borough Council and Brenda Loynes for Hartlepool Borough Council. Their contact details can be found on the respective Council websites.

Wynyard Matters magazine is for all Wynyard residents, as is the Residents Association. All residents are welcomed to the monthly meetings and can send in issues for consideration via the wynyardmatters.org/contact-us website. However the content of both meetings and magazine will only reflect issues from Wynyard Park if the residents bring them up via the contact methods or attending the meetings. If you want us to deal with something let us know and we will do our best but we are not mind readers.

We are aware that there is a Community Centre planned for the Wynyard Park development. However it is not required to be built, under planning requirements, until a substantial number of dwellings have been both built and sold and is probably many years away yet from reality.

The Residents Association is in touch with all landowners and councils in the area on residents behalf.




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