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Report Suspicious Callers

A resident from Davison Close reported the following:

My neighbour was out but the cleaner was in the house when a man knocked on the door. The man asked ‘do you live here?’ and when told no, he asked ‘when would they be back’. The cleaner said she don’t know, and asked who was he and offered to pass on a message, to which she was told ‘no need, I’m from number ??  (the house next door), I have ‘her’ number I’ll just give her a call’. Didn’t mention any names.

Well this person clearly didn’t live at number ?? as the two neighbouring houses know each other.

This guy was very distinctive: about 6 ft tall, tanned, blond hair, really good teeth and with a strong accent (probably South African). The residents of the house concerned don’t know anyone who fits this distinct description and there is no sensible reason why this person would claim to be from next door unless trying to bluff his reason for calling.

If you experience anything similar, please inform the police.  If this is someone casing houses it is in everyone’s interest that they are stopped.


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